About Me

Assalamu’alaikum Warrohmatullohi Wabaroktuh, Hi, I’m David Haris . Everybody calls me David. I am the fifth among six in my family. I’m originally from Batusangkar because my mother is from there and my father is from Air Bangis. I was born in Bukitinggi, Sumatera Barat (West Sumatera), Indonesia,(the country that I love most ,he..he..). I am moslem. I love Allah, Muhammad Shalallahu ‘Alaihi Wassalam and Islam as the true Deen to live in this world and the after life. And I am an English Teacher. Right now, I am still working in a private Senior High School in Bogor (SMA Plus YPHB). And I enjoy it a lot.

Why English teacher? There are some reasons why I choose to become an English teacher. First, when I was a child I loved to watch English programs (by Anton Hilman) and cartoons on TV. And also the programs such as comedy shows, film series (such as Hunter, Starky and Hutch, Charlies Angels), documentaries, ‘Aneh tapi nyata’ etc. In my time, there was only one TV channel. It was TVRI, the one and only government TV station. The second, when I was in Junior and Senior high, I also liked the English teachers. I love the way they taught us and the way they spoke in English (Thank you my teachers).Beside, in my sparetime, I liked to buy and read English Grammar Books. I enjoyed reading them over and over. Moreover, I used to listen to English songs because all my family like music. And that’s also the part that made me able to play guitar.

To tell you the truth, when I was I child, I never wondered of being an English Teacher. It was because at the time living or working as a teacher, especially in public schools, was considered as the last choice (as I knew from I wan Fals song entitle Umar Bakrie) and they usually lived in low standard and got low paid. Not like today. But, as I tried to teach for the first time, I realized that there were more than just teaching students. In my opinion, teaching is challenging. It brings great responsibilities. It is about loving, caring, passions, patience, and goals. Teacher must find ways to teach students in different capabilities. It’s not easy, though but it makes us think. As a teacher, we keep trying to do differently and improve the ways of teaching, such as giving remedial teachings and tests. outing programs, class action research, and more. Even today, some schools have evolved become international schools to face the development of education. They have websites and links to other international schools overseas. Teachers now can make blogs and networks which help them share their ideas. And most of them have their own facebook. This is really amazing.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll continue next time. Wassalamu’alaikum


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