Tugas Kelas XI : Writing A Report Text


Paragraph 1
What kind of animal does a ……… belong to?
Where can you find the animal?
Paragraph 2 (and 3)
How does it move/live/survive?
What does it look like?
What does it feed on/eat?
How does it breed itself?

Example of the text: LION

Paragraph 1
What kind of animal does a lion belong to?
Carnivores, wild animals
Where can you find the animal?
In African jungle, savannah, forests
Paragraph 2 (and 3)
How does it move/live/survive?
They hunt, run fast like a horse, live in groups,
What does it look like?
Strong fangs, sharp claws, resembles a cat, male has mane, male is bigger
What does it feed on/eat?
Zebra, buffaloes, deer
How does it breed itself?
Mammals, have babies, cubs

Final Draft:
Lions are carnivores. They are included into wild animals. We can find them in the African jungle. But sometimes we can also see them roaming in savannah or forests.

Lions hunt at their hunting area. They are great predators and live in groups. They can run fast like a horse. Its fangs are very strong and its claws are also sharp. They can hear voices from 100 until 150 meters. Today, it is claimed that there are only 6,000 lions remaining.

A lion resembles a cat. It has pawns, whiskers and a tail. Only the size of a lion is much bigger than a cat. The male has a mane, the long thick hair that grows around the face and neck. The male is bigger than the female. A lion feed on zebras, buffaloes and deer. Because they are mammals, so they have babies which are called cubs.


Simple Past

Kita menggunakan past simple  untuk membicarakan tentang kegiatan pernyataan yang kita anggap selesai di masa lalu.

Kita menggunakannya untuk membicarakan tentang hal-hal khusus di waktu tertentu.

  • She came back last Friday.
  • I saw her in the street.
  • They didn’t agree to the deal.

Dapat juga digunakan untuk membicarakan rentang waktu.

  • She lived in Tokyo for seven years.
  • They were in London from Monday to Thursday of last week.
  • When I was living in New York, I went to all the art exhibitions I could.

Anda akan menemukan past simple digunakan dengan ungkapan waktu seperti berikut ini:

  • Yesterday
  • three weeks ago
  • last year
  • in 2002
  • from March to June
  • for a long time
  • for 6 weeks
  • in the 1980s
  • in the last century
  • in the past


Taken from http://www.english-grammar-lessons.com for original English version.

Translated by David Haris

Passive Voice/ Kalimat Pasif

Kita menggunakan Bentuk kalimat Active untuk menyatakan perbuatan subject.

  • He drove the car yesterday.
  • I clean my house once a week

Kita menggunakan bentuk kalimat Passive untuk menyatakan apa yang terjadi pada subject.

  • The car was driven by somebody else yesterday.
  • The house was cleaned only yesterday

Kadang ketika kita menggunakan kalimat Passive, kita tidak mengetahui siapa pelakunya.

  • My watch was made in Switzerland.
  • My car has been damaged.